La Fête du Spit #3  

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Christophe Bichet climbing in "Râlé vaché" © S.Favier, 8a+ Cadeillac area  © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak

FDS #3 : A supercharged edition 

By Carole Palmier, organizer of the event and Greenspits' president

To situate better : La Fête du Spit is the annual gathering organized by Greenspits for climbers

Far from being the only project of the association, it is undoubtedly the most interesting one for you, our partners and the medias.

Climbers gatherings are not new, but those that are outdoor and on a new or little known crag are rare and sought-after because it represents what we love in climbing : exploration and sharing.

La Fête du Spit meets your curiosity and desire for social interactions. But it also meets your desire to be part of a common action, utopian and altruistic that has you wonder how to interact better with our environment, how to move away from simple consumption, how to stay free as climbers in a society where everything is controlled ?

A sold out event one week before the event. More than 300 participants from all over the country and even across borders. A rich varied program which offered something to learn, to improve, to dream, to challenge oneself, to blossom and to have fun, quite simply !

"Colored climbers on shades of grey rock" an artwork by Mr Novak ;) ... There are a few missing pieces of rock, yeah, we're not far from Saint-Léger !
Julie Arnaubec, osteopath and climber animating a masterclass "preventing injuries, exercises to make your climbing optimal" © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak
Decompression-recompression training-circuit mode, but always with a positive attitude !

Planning an event on my own free time, voluntarily and with an experience of event planning based on big birthday parties since I was 8… It's taking risks, a commitment, good news and disappointments, but pleasure above all… A bit like climbing actually !

With the week-end coming to an end, the pressure dies away, fatigue becomes apparent but what a pleasure to see your smile and your boundless, shining, communicative energy !

La Fête du Spit 3 has left a trace in your minds as well as ours. That’s the only reward that you can expect from complete involvement, in order to offer climbers something beautiful, new and sincere.

Attentive and moved, our spit-partiers loved the opening evening on friday with 200 participants already there. Christophe Bichet's talk, the 3 introduced short-moviesand the slide-show "80s climbing" touched a diverse audience (see the program again here).

Being surrounded by good people is the key… Life sometimes offers beautiful encounters. Clearly La Fête du Spit's success is in close relationship with a location and its inhabitants. 

Mr Frédéric Roux, de Mollans-sur-Ouvèze's Mayor is one of these people that offer us the possibility to express ourselves, that trust us and believe in our ambition. Without his kind welcome we couldn't have done these 3 editions... Hence our attachment to this peculiar place in La Drôme to organize the event.

Last year we also met Valérie and Marc through Frédéric. They are our hosts, they are the ones that welcome 300 people and 150 vehicles of all kinds on their beautiful property for 3 days. They opened their doors for us where lots of people would have disapproved. And above that, they partied with us to an ungodly hour ! The music in full swing until dawn. You know a lot of events where the party isn't interrupted before 3AM ?

And YOU are making the difference : YOU are capable of RESPECTING and this is fundamental. You are participating in a relaxed atmosphere and even if you drank too much you're not going to set the forest on fire, you keep being kind and cheerful... That's what we look for !

Yoga session in the morning for the more audacious in the Jardin des Fouzarailles with Valérie Tribout and Martina Cufar as coaches.
After Mr Roux's speech, Carole Palmier takes the floor : "Greenspits needs actions coming from each of you !"

That's why la Fête du Spit will never be a large-scale event addressing to a public that doesn't contribute to what we created, or to the benevolence that is shared in this place between the landowners, the organizers, the volunteers and the participants.  Everyone gives something and it works. The Bivouak organic beer is sold at a matchless price and you don't hesitate to buy beverage tickets rather than bring your own Heineken. The free spirit of the event and the low fee depends on all these little attentions from you.

Truly sorry in advance for the frustration that caused the 250 places limit , but next year we won't increase the capacity... You won't come to La Fête du Spit by accident and we're already delighted about that.
Hugo Parmentier true to himself, biceps protruding, fighting with "Abus de liens sociaux", 8c+ in the Cadeillac area  © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak

I am not in the best position to have perspective on the event. I tried to gather testimonies from the participants to give you samples of true feelings and experiences. Let's go !

Kenza Slamti : my two favorite moments in La Fête du Spit ?

Number one will always be climbing in the Toulourenc low gorges. A really really sunny Saturday but where everyone could have fun. New crags with beautiful lines in all grades. A pleasant day spent climbing, bathing in the river below the areas, cheering and watching friends trying hard.

Number 2 : the Party on Saturday night of course with a funny climbing videos Blind Test accompanied with a good meal, rice and vegetables with exotic flavors ; a crazy prize giving for the tombola and the end of the evening animated by DJ sets from Sagagnass Sound System & Soul Society.

A meal shared with all participants, veggie option, organic, local and homemade :  pitas as appetizers & houmous, tzatziki, tapenade, rice sauté with vegentables and lentils, homemade muffins with walnut, chocolate or red berries... Everything gastronomically good !
Charlotte André stretches to choose the best crimp in the crux of "L'empire du non-sens", 7b in the Cadeillac area © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak
Notice of research: a CRS Hautes-Alpes was denounced for having launched "pogo" type crowd movements during the set of a certain Lafouche ... The man seemed to have abused punch lemon what gave him a color in perfect agreement with the association Greenspits ... ;) Thank you Diego for your good mood, you feasted us !

Yohan Bourcier : Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, ensuring solid bases !

More than a sport, climbing is a lifestyle. And since la Fête du Spit is celebrating it, we want to do as much as we can so everyone can find the comfort they deserve after the effort - or before - or even without effort !

About the horizontal rest during the nocturnal time, it was pretty well on tracks with a great tree-filled meadow that was rapidly full of a vast fleet of tents, cars and vans. A real small village with its avenues and neighborhoods where every habitation has a patio. But here it was... It was barely dark when a magnificent full moon rose behind the Ventoux ridges. La noche loca in the Jardin des Fouzarailles was really going to take place, the rest would maybe be diurnal after all !

But let's come to the important point, the stomach matters ! Friday night we shared a generous buffet with dishes cooked by Greenspits volunteers but also by the participants. Thanks everyone for taking part in the potluck ! 

For the Saturday night dinner, Greenspits has renewed its trust to Noël who treated us once again to his healthy and generous cooking with a special mention for the chocolate muffins that have led to a lot of bargaining. 

Concerning the bar, quality rose again this year with the Bivouak beers but also with the Greenspits® Punch made by a tema of local experts. A grandmother recipe that required squeezing hundreds of fresh fruits several days in advance. A real consensus that will require elbow grease again next year and larger quantities. Volunteers take note !

Along the water, the highline of the fête du spit seen from the sky © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo

Hugo Parmentier:

What I liked the most, it is surely to pass in the alleys of the "parking / camping" and to see so much life, people sharing music, yoga, a little lunch.

Happy people to be part of and contribute to this beautiful community.

As for Sunday morning .... I still wonder is for when the paracetamol C'est qui le patron ?

An event mixing slackers with climbers, all concerned to act better by thinking about our practice of tomorrow. © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo
Manon Hily with princess hair make strenght in "Trav'l'eau", 8a+ Cadeillac cran sector  © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak
Le crew of #greenspitsmembers involved : Sylvain & Valentin with their cheeky air...

Albine Ruiz : 

(French poetry... we can't translate !)

Du rhum, des Hommes, et de la bière tant qu'on veut,

Un accordéon pour chanter même un peu,

Des bénévoles et des espagnols pour danser tant qu'on peut,

Fais gaffe à la mousse, derrière le bar ça pousse,

Blonde ou rousse, y'a pas de kwak c'est d'la Bivouak,

Au pied des voies des "Guest" et des "Best" pour grimper sans enjeu,

De la pierre et des rivières quoi de mieux,

Du soleil et des abeilles c'est ça qui rend heureux !

Do not pressure yourself drink there ! Mathilde and Albine, the bar managers take a well-deserved break ! © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo
And the "buena onda" circulated among us...  © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak

Frédéric Sarradin :

Theme 1 / smile and mixity: I had the honor and privilege of opening the portal on Friday at 17:00 ... What a pleasure to officially start the FDS3 with a general remark : the smile of participants, relaxed people, and yet the yoga workshop was only Sunday ... And what diversity, social mix ! We talk about gender equality, I think that climbing is a good example ... There is strong or very strong  climbers... And less strong, even if overall we speak more than 8 of 6.

Special mention plus for this couple with child who came by bike from Buis-les-Baronnies with all his stuff for the weekend ... special mention less: the climber and his dog, attention to the respect of the neighbor ! .... Well it was a little less smiling on Saturday at 21:30 when we closed the gate but it was for the good cause, the good meal was served, and we played at the counter.

Theme 2 / little cliff ride: after a short night, and as the climber gets up late, we got up early ... Arrival at the edge of the quiet Toulourenc, with idyllic calm, clean cliff, just a pair of glasses, a cap and a pair of socks ... Small runs nice fresh on various slabs, thank you openers ! Small flat for fans of sight, blunder with magnesia y'a super-brushes whose Greenspits is very beautiful and effective! Think of the climbers who pass behind you ... The climbers always arrive with a smile, conclusion FDS = ZEN attitude !

Mathieu Pertus crosses the impressive 130m highline installed by Mimi, Nicolas, Louisa and Slack Ardèche team  © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak
The transparent water of Toulourenc and its thousand facets revealed by the sun. Climbing at the sector Cadeillac with new routes in 6 and 7 grade ! © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo

Charlotte André :

For me, my favorite climbing moment: it's the big 7a + "Cadeillac" crossing and after the small splash in the river to cool down.

And then of course the evening punctuated by the DJ Lafouche, especially the punch divinely good.

I had a great weekend and saw friends I had not seen in a long time.

Greenspits thank you !

Yess the volunteers !!! BRAVO and THANK YOU because without you, spits but no party ... © GREENSPITS I Jan Novak

Cathou Flick :

My impressions of the fête du spit on Friday night:
- The place first of all: large, sporty, very close to nature completely Green ...
- Organisation at the top level of Palmito !
- Small bar frankly friendly where it is good to meet the greenmembers.
- Concept of the aperitif super friendly ... bahbah the pizzzas dislodged !
- Evening movies at the top, various and varied !

Special mention for the photos of the 80s (ps: especially that of our father "Duboc") and then I love these pictures "old school" told by the historians of our beautiful practice !
In short, a great time in your company !

Pschitt in person !!! Present at the cliff and on Friday evening to comment on the slide show "escalade 80s" directed by Robert Exertier © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo
Antoine Rochas in "La marche forcée du pachyderme" 7b+ at Bois des feuillets crag sector © GREENSPITS I E.Tafary - Tchalo 
Cédric Lachat in the express sent of one of the projects of the sector: "Abus de liens sociaux" that he confirms with 8c +. He therefore realizes the first ascent, despite the many contenders of all ages. It's still dad Cedric who shows how climbing works, yes ! Cédric has invested all his energy for the event : conferences on Friday, installation of static ropes, animation of the workshop about multi-pitch routes ... and smile undead ! THANK YOU.

Antonin Rhodes :

Difficult to have an objective view of the event in the "backstage" but positive feedback that we receive for 15 days is a good indicator. These 3 editions have been success stories every time, and it's stimulating because we absolutely want to maintain the quality of the event in the future. The chance is with us weather level, as long as it lasts !

Regarding the sector "fête du spit" bolted for the occasion by members of the association motivated and some local bolters, it offers thirty routes from 5c to 7b +, which is rare in the perimeter ! A big thank you to the volunteers and climbers who worked to avoid potential accidents during the event. Once the sector equipped, it took 3 weeks of daily work to "prepare" the routes to be climbed, renew some old routes, and finish the bolting of hard projects. The rock stays fragile so remain vigilant anyway!

We are finishing the topo in the coming weeks, so it will be online this fall !

Before you get your fill with all the images of the event, we present the curious and committed partners who believe in us, in you, in the cliff climbing community! Thank you !
Thanks to their contribution the Fête du Spit continues to exist !

The Fête du Spit in pictures & exclusive photos of the crag bolting !

We hope that this feedback on the event will have pleased you ! The video, coming soon !!!


Let's stay connected to the rock !

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