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All the event’s participants understand and accept that Greespits and its directors clear themselves of all responsibilities (explicit and implicit) concerning the participants.

Rock-climbing is dangerous.


  • Article 1 : ANY PARTICIPATION TO LA FÊTE DU SPIT’S ACTIVITIES IS VOLUNTARY. Masterclasses, games and contests, or every activity listed on the presentation and program of La Fête du Spit as well as climbing activities or slackline/highline associated to the event are entirely voluntary.
  • Article 2 : ANY RISK TAKEN FALLS TO THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERSON TAKING IT. It is the responsibility of the climbers, volunteers and rock-climbing professionals to evaluate their individual abilities concerning activities relating to rock-climbing or slackline/highline as well as their partners’ abilities. Each participant to the event is responsible for their own actions and for their decision to climb with another participant. Greenspits doesn’t demand that two persons climb together a,d isn’t responsible if an athlete or a participant decides that someone isn’t a suitable partner. Remember, climbing involves risks. You are responsible for your own decisions. Participants understand and accept that Greenspits and its directors, board members and volunteers guarantee neither the judgment nor the skill of a participant.
  • Article 3 : GREENSPITS ISN’T IN A POSITION TO ESTIMATE THE SKILLS OF PARTICIPANTS OR TO ASSIST THEM IN ANY ACTIVITY RELATED TO THE EVENT. Some activities in the program require abilities related to the use of specific climbing or slacklining/highlining gear. Each participant guarantees having the required skills for the practice of these activities.
  • Article 4 : EVERY PARTICIPANT MUST BE INSURED FOR THE PRACTICE OF CLIMBING. Every participant commits to having no contraindication to the practice of climbing and must be individually insured for this practice. Greenspits isn’t accountable in case of an insurance deficit from one of the participants.
  • Article 6 : NO REGISTRATION TO THE EVENT WILL BE TAKEN ON LOCATION. Every participant to the masterclasses on the area of the Toulourenc low gorges crag as well as the participants to the party and animation in the Fouzarailles garden must have bought their ticket online on the HelloAsso website by following the link indicated on the event’s presentation. A wristband justifying this registration will be handed to the participants and will grant them access to the masterclasses and to the party. Greenspits keeps the right to turn visitors down on the Fouzarailles garden area or at masterclasses at the crag if they are not able to justify their online pre-registration, or if Greenspits considers their condition unsuitable to the good proceedings of the event.
  • Article 7 : THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES is not meant to create benefits but only to help funding the event (evening location, professionals salaries, gear purchase and rental) and the drinks are sold at a price close to the purchase price. Hence, participants are invited not to bring their own beverages during the event. The alcoholic beverages are an element of friendliness as long as they’re drunk in moderation of course. Drinking alcohol comprises risks. Everyone is responsible of their own alcohol consumption and Greenspits won’t be accountable in case of excessive consumption. Don’t drive you you have drank alcohol. Greenspits ensures the possibility to sleep on the location of the event for all participants. Breatalyzers will be available in case some people should absolutely drive.
  • Article 8 : EACH PERSON HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER ITS POSSESSIONS AND THOSE OF OTHERS. The association as well as the land-owners won’t be accountable in case of loss or theft. Each person commits to respect others’ belongings and the constructions present on the event’s sites and to return all the gear that is not theirs at the end of the activities.
  • Article 9 : IMAGE REPRODUCTION RIGHT. By taking part in the event, all visitors consent automatically to be photographed or filmed and allow the organizer (Greenspits) to use these images for example to promote the event or the association. These images can also be used by the media partners  with Greenspits’ approval. Visitors can freely turn down the use of their image for promotional purposes by written notification to the organizer. Any pictures or movies taken by visitors during the event can only be used for commercial purposes with written authorization from the organizer (contact@greenspits.com).
  • Article 10 : EACH PARTICIPANT COMMITS TO RESPECT GOOD PRACTICE and the ethics of the association Greenspits. Every climber is invited to observe the pact written by Greenspits and available online on its website. We invite all participants to take part in the cleaning of the area after the event during the Clean Up Day “open” organized by Greenspits where gear will be available to pick up trash.

Basically it’s not any harder than an usual day at the crag !

Greenspits and its volunteer team thank you !

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